Why eKnowID

In this modern age a person’s digital profile is readily used to determine eligibility for employment, education and housing. The same tools these companies and organizations use to uncover this sensitive information can be valuable to an individual seeking the same personal information. eKnowID gives consumers the opportunity to “know what they know.”

  • Know what your potential employer knows before applying for the job of your dreams.
  • Know what a potential landlord knows before applying for an apartment or a mortgage on perfect home for your family.
  • Know that your identity is safe before you apply for credit cards or auto loans.

Simply put, knowing what public records exist in your name can make life easier and safer.

eKnowID will ensure:

Searches are Done Right

We will provide you with information you are looking for, and we assure peace of mind. We guarantee accurate and precise information.

Clear and Concise Reports of High Quality

Our cutting-edge investigative techniques yield thorough and understandable reports. We offer customized packages designed to fit each customer’s particular need. The completed reports are comprehensive and easy to read.

Respect for Person and Privacy

We value property. We will not sell, rent, share or assign personal information.


We believe in the importance of personal background checks. We suggest packages to fit your needs, but if you want to check other information or create your own package, no problem. We provide a la carte options for you to customize your check.

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We are available always to meet your needs.Please contact our corporate office via phone for further information.

Phone : 1-888 -SIX CHEC (749-2432)
Email : support@eknowid.com

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