Uncover Your Background

Ever wondered what is in a background check? eKnowID can help you find out.

Don’t let a background check spoil your career. eKnowID employs the same state of the art data technology private companies use in pre-employment, landlord screening and tenant checking.

Get a record check from eKnowID today, and eKnowID can help you by looking through millions of criminal records and put your mind at ease for as little as $14.95 with A la Carte reports.

Who Should Order This?


It is easy to spend a lot of money on background checks when you are looking for apartments. With eKnowID, you can conduct your own background check to give to potential landlords.


Life can be chaotic, but knowing what is in your background can give you certainty about one thing. With eKnowID, take the first step toward gaining peace of mind.

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We are available always to meet your needs.Please contact our corporate office via phone for further information.

Phone : 1-888 -SIX CHEC (749-2432)
Email : support@eknowid.com

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